Ortofon SPU-moving coil cartridges
Thank you for choosing an Ortofon SPUcartridge for your turntable. All Ortofon SPU-cartridge models are highly indebted to their SPU-ancestor launched in 1958, when the original Ortofon stereocartridge was born. So, ever since the various Ortofon SPUmodels announced in this manual, have never compromised with the basic design
- responsible for the so-called “Ortofon Sound”, world wide related to these cartridges. Refinements on the models have taken bene fit from the use of new materials and impro ved stylus types, to gain the outstanding reproduction qualities.
All SPU-cartridges are designed to bring optimum performance, when the tonearm moun ted with the cartridge is adjusted parallel to the record surface, at recommended tracking force.When antiskating adjustment is possible, we recommend a 50% higher value, when using SPU-cartridges with the Ortofon Replicant stylus, compared to normal setting at recommended tracking force.
To obtain optimal sound reproduction, remove dust from the stylus regularly by using a small bruch. Guide the brush gently forward in the direction of the diamond tip.
From time to time also remove the cartridge system from the tonearm and clean the gold plated contact points with a small amount of propyl alcohol. Also the contacts inside
the tonearm will need this type of cleansing, to avoid dust or sticky material to result in annoying disconnection.
We do not recommend the use of propyl al cohol for cleansing the record surface, as resolved materials will stick to the stylus.As a consequence the Ortofon warranty - in such cases - may not be valid.