adopts the high performance permalloy magnetic permeability, wide range in and won the flat frequency characteristics ◆ inside of the transformer body, high-performance permalloy core in the primary and secondary windings with balanced inputs, winding that can be output adoption ◆ By housed in a robust aluminum case after you are subjected to a magnetic shield according to the left and right channels independent of permalloy housing, the XLR terminal of the full balance specifications to eliminate ◆ input and output terminals of the influence of external noise to the limit Equipped have. Of course, connected by common RCA plug terminal is also input, the output both possible ◆ use the steel plate of the entire housing 2.3mm thickness robust body a sense of stability is strong also in external vibrating structure ◆ signal system wiring material clear sound lavish use of single-core wire of 6N high purity copper of reputation. ◆ Strong body and thick front panel is to pursue a sense of luxury from the design performance of good specification is realized